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Protecting the vulnerable and those who serve them

Protecting Vulnerable Adults provides Training, Policy guidelines, screening forms and appropriate Background Checks to reduce the risk of sexual abuse.


SPECIAL THANKS to Philadelphia Insurance Companies for the time, talent, resources and data expended over the last two years to make Protecting Vulnerable Adults a reality.


Sign-up to receive your annual PVA Membership and Training at no cost!

Sign-up to receive your annual PVA Membership and Training at no cost!

What is Protecting Vulnerable Adults?

Protecting Vulnerable Adults (PVA) was founded by legal professionals and sexual abuse experts, Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris. Through their law practice focused on sexual abuse, they recognized a vital need to equip Organizations to better protect Vulnerable Adults from sexual abuse. 

The risk is real and preventable. Prevention starts with awareness.

Why Choose Protecting Vulnerable Adults?

With over 60 years combined experience in sexual abuse litigation, consultation and crisis management, Love & Norris understand the risk of sexual abuse and how it unfolds within vulnerable populations. Predatory behavior has predictable patterns– the abuser’s grooming process–which is predictable and therefore preventable.

PVA provides comprehensive sexual abuse prevention through Training and appropriate Background Checks.

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Protecting Vulnerable Adults Offers Solutions For Your Program Needs

Every program providing services to Vulnerable Adults wants to provide a protective, safe and inviting environment. When an effective Safety System is in place, staff members and volunteers can focus on their core purpose, knowing precautions have been taken to prevent abuse and protect Vulnerable Adults in their care.

Our extensive experience creating Training and resources for Organizations serving Vulnerable Adults shapes our industry-specific Safety System elements.

Services We Provide

Online Training

Comprehensive online Trainings for Vulnerable Adult programs.

Sample Forms

Members have access to sample Policy forms created by sexual abuse experts.

Background Checks

We take the mystery out of Background Checks and help you maximize results.

An Effective Safety System Requires All Five Parts


Sexual Abuse
Awareness Training




Policies &





Monitoring &